A solo game about the spiritual stuggles of alien worlds. Adapted from Star Maker by Olaf Stapledon, and played using simple deck building mechanics. 10 rounds, 15-30 minutes per round.

Blockly Nominal Connection Checker

A demo of a new connection checker plugin for Blockly based on nominal type checking, which is used in languages like C++, Java, and Rust. Eventually it will support subtyping, generics, parameterized types, and bounded generics. Currently the connection checker supports subtyping, generics, and explicit parameterized types.

Blockly Summit 2019 Fields Demo

A collection of demo blocks showing what you can do with the new custom fields API implemented in release 2.2019. Shown at the 2019 Blockly Summit.

L-System Playground

An L-System editor built with Google Blockly.


A platformer made with Unity where you must solve the challenges by applying the concepts of addition, subtraction, and division.