I am a college student interested in software development. This is where you can find my blog, where I write about stuff I care about way too much. You can also find and play with some of my projects (vis. the ones that can be hosted on the web). For a full list of my projects you can check out my linkedIn.

Favorite posts

Intern 2021: Finale!

A summary of my 2021 Google Internship and how I grew as a programmer this summer.

GSoC 2020: Final Submission

A summary of my 2020 GSoC project, and how I grew as a programmer this summer.

Shadow Blocks Pt. 1: Fields vs Inputs vs Shadows + Inputs

The difference between fields, inputs, and inputs with shadows. Plus the problems with and use cases for each.

Favorite projects

L-System Playground

An L-System editor built with Google Blockly.


A platformer made with Unity where you must solve the challenges by applying the concepts of addition, subtraction, and division.